Implantologisch ttige Zahnarztpraxis
Start early

Children need special care. They should be able to get in touch with the dental practice wihtout being scared and have a right to be informed in a way that matches their way of understanding. We want your child to discover our practice with curiosity and joy.

As soon as the first milk teeth have broken through, correct dental care is necessary, same as prophylactic examinations. The child's denture is completely different from that of an adult and requires special knowledge of the dentist. Milk teeth have a much softer dental enamel and are more sensitive. You can consult the dentist as soon as your child gets his very first milktooth. The earlier you start to have his teeth revised, the earlier can be discovered damages or risks.

In a child-friendly atmosphere we do all we can to confront your child with patience and empathy in order to take away his fears. If you yourself visit the practice once a year for examination, your child will grow up understanding this regular visit as something normal and important.
Of a curious child can then grow an adult, conscious of the importance and normality of prevention and prophylaxis.